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Kim Boekbinder’s Kickstarter Tour

I’ve written about Kim Boekbinder and her funky music before And it still makes me smile and dance when it comes on in my car.
So imagine my excitement when she posted that she’s going to tour! And she’s stopping by Los Angeles, which I hate driving to, but I really would love to see her live.

But that might not happen. Because she’s pre-selling her tour. Which means that she has to have the initial amount through Kickstarter for each stop before she’ll actually put in the effort to find a venue. And there’s only 5 days left before the LA tour won’t happen, with most of the amount remaining.

So if you’re in the LA area, and you’re like me and interested in new music and like being part of something new, go buy a ticket! They’re only $10! And she has pretty cool merch that you can pre-order as part of your support for her innovative tour!

Kim Boekbinder’s The Impossible Girl

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Kim Boekbinder and her new album, The Impossible Girl,  but seriously, you have to check it out.

She’s raised the money to record from preorders and donations. And now the album is for sale!

Boekbinder has broken the album into 4 pieces and is currently offering the album on bandcamp as a pay what you want. You can preview all of the songs in their entirety, so you know before you download how much you want to pay her.

Part 1 of The Impossible Girl flows with a freedom which gives the first four songs a joy that makes the album enjoyable and powerful. “The Impossible Girl #1” bounces through a beautiful description of  a woman who seems to fit in a legend or myth. We learn that she’s beautiful, distant, ethereal, and free. She cannot be bound and live. To love her is to accept her and her free spirit.

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