Hello! My name is Chandra. I’m a nerd. An English nerd in fact.

I love the language, the literature, the fun communication game it constitutes, basically all the elements that only a true nerd could ever possibly love (rather like a mother and her small child).

I have two degrees in English, which seems to qualify me to make other people uncomfortable when we converse. (I don’t try to do this [very often], but for some reason, people get awkward.) Teaching other people about English (predominately how to write effectively in English in the academic setting) sporadically provides the necessary money to obtain caffeine and books. More sporadically, and much more sought, are the opportunities to edit creative works.

I love the internet and all the opportunities it affords for connection. Some of my favorite people are the ones I interact with most through a computer screen. I even get to hang out with some of them with no mediation.

This blog is a place that I’ve set up to share my thoughts on a plethora of ideas in as many styles as are useful. My favorite element to online writing is the potential for conversation with people from all over. So please feel free to chime in! I love learning (that’s why I have 2 university degrees), and my favorite way to learn is through discussion.

If you the muse strikes and you would like to discuss my freelance services, use the Communicate page, or email me at englishnerd [at] Feel free to drop me a line about topics that strike your fancy as well!

Now you know a little bit about me, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you get a chance to hang around.

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  1. Just read your impossible girl post, and decided to say hello. Thanks for introducing me to such an interesting musician. I checked out her tunes, and being from New Orleans I adore “Big Easy”… especially because I just left there. Anyway, you’ve got a lovely blog and bio here!



  2. This gets after the epitome of my essence, like a cat gets after a mouse. Though, my sarcastic noise is the cat after the mouse of my essence and therefore I come off as a social butterfly. Really, though I live in my own mind, and love to love people behind the scenes.

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