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James Melzer’s Mother Load

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to preorder a fantastic zombie apocalypse story, James Melzer has provided for you. His story Escape will be available in a dead-tree form soon, but to sweeten the deal for those who commit to the journey, Melzer came up with a brilliant treat.

If you preorder his novel and send him a copy of the receipt, he’ll email you a free e-collection of original short stories The Mother Load. The authors collected are fantastic, and I am seriously excited to get to read it.

So go check out James Melzer and The Mother Load!

Hudock’s Dark Journeys: A Short Story Collection

You might recognize this title. You should recognize this author, she visited here a couple of months ago.

But this isn’t just another story. Nope. It’s ALL OF THEM!

Yep. Dark Journeys: A Short Story Collection has all of the Dark Journeys stories in one collection!

But you don’t just get all 11 stories that have been released earlier for $2.99.  You get a bonus story!

And that’s not the best thing. When you buy this collection you get to help out Jennifer and James. You should read their blogs for details (and because they’re good writers of interesting things).

So what are you waiting for? Go to Jenny’s blog and download your copy now!

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