The Outback

The Outback

7 June 2009

First of all – internet is hit or miss. This is why haven’t posted here as much as I’d hoped.

But it’s gorgeous. It’s the land of solitude. It’s flat as a pancake and clear for miles. You can pretty much see the horizon in any direction. And any deviation in the road is a notable sight, as it doesn’t occur often.

And there’s no one around.

Like seriously, no one.

We drove through several towns where the population was around 100. That’s awesome, especially since these towns were miles and miles away from any other town.

It’s also a little intimidating because it is so vast. The closest place I can think of is sitting on the shore of the ocean and seeing out to the horizon. Except the ocean is behind, and beside, as well as in front. Driving through this land, one thought that has kept popping up is that if something were to happen, it might take other people awhile to notice. And that is a very foreign thought to me. I’m definitely used to there being a lot of people around. Not that those people would be any more likely to notice, but something about their presence comforts me. And then I think of A Street Car Named Desire and part of me laughs a little.

It’s gorgeous land, and I’ve loved exploring it. I don’t know that I could ever live here, because it is so remote, but visiting has been great. I would love to come back and have even more time to see this land.