Busy? Perhaps, but definitely alive.

I woke up this morning at 6:40 for unknown reasons. I hardly ever wake up this early, even intentionally, so why I would wake up at this unfamiliar hour, I don’t know. But I was awake and not going back to sleep.


I left my computer on to install free antivirus software (avast! Home edition which announces found viruses in a manner more suited to submarine warfare) so I decided to open it up and see where the install stood. Which then led me online to register the new software, so of course I got sidetracked catching up on my twitter feed, which then led to Mur Lafferty’s login for her Inside Story promotion of her newest work (still in progress) War and a crazy video of a Japanese(?) woman wrestler demonstrating something called a shining wizard posted by another author, Matt Wallace, which led to think.


I do a lot of stuff.


Not that I accomplish much, or do things that are always worthwhile, but I do a lot of stuff. It’s now just after 8am and not only have I done the things listed in the last paragraph, but I’ve started this blog which will be posted soon. After this post, I’ll finish editing the .jpg that I need for a website banner. And then I’ll get ready for the day, pick up danishes, and go to my Wednesday morning coffee hangout. No wonder I forget important tasks and dates – I have so many connections and tasks and responsibilities, it’s a wonder I can still find anything.


And yet, as much as I have in my head, I wouldn’t give everything up. Not that I always can or want to be as connected as I am, but when I leave some of the connections dangling, I miss them. In moving recently, I had so much in my head, that there were quite a few connections I had to let go. I couldn’t read all my friends’ blogs or write my own. I can see the signs of neglect in these areas, and now I am digging in and picking up. And it makes me happy, which is something I haven’t really been lately because of the level of stress I was running my life.


I’m seeing the details of life that I have been missing – not just the posts I didn’t get to read, but the colors in the sunset and the flowers on the trees and the green of the grass. This is a good time to wake up and see the world because the world is waking up and putting on a show.


But now it’s time for me to start getting closer to starting my day; it’s almost 8:30…