Kim Boekbinder’s The Impossible Girl

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Kim Boekbinder and her new album, The Impossible Girl,  but seriously, you have to check it out.

She’s raised the money to record from preorders and donations. And now the album is for sale!

Boekbinder has broken the album into 4 pieces and is currently offering the album on bandcamp as a pay what you want. You can preview all of the songs in their entirety, so you know before you download how much you want to pay her.

Part 1 of The Impossible Girl flows with a freedom which gives the first four songs a joy that makes the album enjoyable and powerful. “The Impossible Girl #1” bounces through a beautiful description of  a woman who seems to fit in a legend or myth. We learn that she’s beautiful, distant, ethereal, and free. She cannot be bound and live. To love her is to accept her and her free spirit.

From the very beginning, the album introduces you to a woman/girl who could never completely exist in our world, with the hope that perhaps someday she could. But the album is also careful to warn the listener from the start that you can’t help but love this woman, and that this love will doom you to heart break you’ll never want to part with.

The album feels like a world music collection but I can understand the lyrics without a translator. Some of the songs are more mellow in their tone and instrumentation, which make them great background music for me when I’m writing. Other songs have a solid beat that would be fun to dance around the house to (if I danced) and are my favorites to drive to. The vocals on each song presents interesting notes and rhythm and are quickly becoming favorites to sing.

When I preordered the album, there were only 3 songs available. I can’t remember all of the titles because I was busy balancing my checkbook to see which package I could afford. I’d listened to most of “Gypsy” and knew the depth of my sorrow if I missed out on any of the album. After I downloaded part 1 of The Impossible Girl, I’ve being listening to it during the first leg of my morning commute. And “Gypsy” keeps running through my head to the point where I hum it at work.

I’m looking forward to next month when part 2 is available! I will probably just be ready for some more of Kim Boekbinder’s work in my life.

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