Jurupa Fire

So this fire is really close to my parents’ house. Like, if the winds shift, their house would be in danger.

This is worrying to say the least. It’s on the local news (which never happens), and the fire’s name carries the area name (seriously, no one but people who live in the community long term know that the northwest area next to the red-marked section is called Jurupa Hills (and yes that golf course is there, but it’s really little and no one remembers its existence until election day)). And I’m 45 minutes away.

This is nerve-wracking, but not the first time a brush fire has happened. (It’s just the first time the news has bothered to cover it.)

I’ll update when the fire is under control. (I’m optimistic that everything will be fine.)

Update: The fire ended up passing their house. It was always within a mile or so, but the winds kept it away, and now that it’s completely contained, I can safely say this ended up being fine. Thanks everyone!