Reading with High Schoolers

I have a new job tutoring high school students in English at an after-school, non-profit academic center.

Today is my third day and I’m enjoying it already.

The center is trying to create some sort of fun program to encourage the students to read more on their own.

My current suggestions extend as far as have books that are fun to read and not school work. I’m also thinking of how to make some of the amazing podcast novels easier for the students to access.

What I am really needing are brilliant ideas on how to get the students reading in a way that actually makes them want to read.

So how would you get high school students to read? What sort of program would you create? Please leave your suggestions in the comments, and feel free to throw in suggestions for what to have on the shelves!

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2 thoughts on “Reading with High Schoolers”

  1. Graphic Novels? (Shutter Island comes to mind.)

    Maybe a sort of reading group, where they discuss things afterward? That way you’re not just reading, you’re reading to discuss with others.

    I’m glad you have a job that is challenging.

  2. I always like VC Andrews books as a teen. You don’t want to start with something they have to put effort in reading.

    Also, in book stores they have a teen section. Ask someone that works at the book store what teens are reading (not sure if Twilight would be good though). Google popular teen titles.

    I think discussing is key too! They will feed off your excitement to read too.

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