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w00tstock 2.4

Last Thursday (23 July 2010) is on my life calendar highlights.

I have always been a nerd in the depths of my heart. While I haven’t hidden it, only recently have I felt comfortable enough to highlight it. My comfort isn’t due to the current acceptance of nerds, but because I’ve stopped caring about the sidelong glances when I ask people which Star Trek series they like and then correct them when they start talking about how much they love the one with the Force.

Attending w00tstock 2.4 is one of the nerdiest things I’ve done, and I’m completely happy I made the time to go.  The website has the best description: 3 hours of geeks and music. After attending, I’d describe it as an entire season of The Muppet Show with less puppets and more memes. My favorite part of being at the show was that my mom was sitting next to me laughing just as hard as I was.

The best way I could write about my experience was a journal/catalog/overview that hits the highlights. After the jump you’ll get  taste of my experience (with pictures and video! *). If you decide to stop here, let me leave you with this: If w00tstock comes anywhere near you, do what you can to make it. I had so much fun, my mom had so much fun, and we laughed for all 4 1/2 hours of the show.

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