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Shiny new avatar!

gaw_chandraLook at my cute new avatar! It’s a custom piece by Len Peralta, geek artist extraordinaire.

I backed Geek-A-Week 4.0 at the level where I got to send him a picture of me and I would get this –>

Len Peralta’s work is phenomenal, and I’m always on the look out for ways to pick up more of his artwork. And now I get to look like one of the cool kids on the internet 🙂

There are other offers of personalized artwork on his site, so check them out!


Long Beach Comic Con

Long time nerd; first time Comic Con attendee.

And I’m headed to Long Beach to hang out at the Long Beach Comic Con. Because I hear it’s small and a good place to start the whole con experience.

Plus they have several Guild panels and a Womanthology panel. I couldn’t pass those up!

So for the first time in my life, I will be at the con and not merely following other people’s experiences. I’m a little nervous about being there alone, but I think if there’s any place where that’s not going to be a super weird thing, it’s a con.

Check back here or my twitter feed or my tumblr, if you want to follow my experiences at a con.

Why I dislike the Lord of the Rings movies

Remember (years) back when everyone was talking about the Lord of the Rings movies and how amazing they were? I wasn’t one of those people. I absolutely love and adore the series by J.R.R. Tolkien. And  though I do not like the movies, I was content to merely let my dislike stand amongst the shadows unless pressed.

While visiting friends in Arizona recently, I ended up meeting new people (it does happen from time to time). We were discussing various topics in the midst of which I stated my dislike for the movies clearly. One of the guys seemed shocked and ready to question, but I was using the statement as an example for a different discussion. The conversation never got back around to my outlandish claim, so this is my explanation.

I have the über-nerd complaints about the missing and mis-represented characters and secondary storylines, but those would not be enough for me to dislike a movie. I completely understand that not everyone will see the story the same way I do and that there is only so much time one can sit in a theater.

The movies fail in one major way – they miss the point of the story by not ending the movies with the scouring of the Shire. Continue reading Why I dislike the Lord of the Rings movies

Techdirt’s DMCA shirt

I found out about this shirt through boingboing and I totally want one. It’s my kind of nerdy. This is the reason I dislike being unemployed – I have to really think about how to get the money before they stop taking orders next week.

But I’m sure I’ll figure out a way because this is my kind of nerd:


I like that more and more people and companies are employing this kind of strategy. They are selling the product, but they are only making up what they sell. I’m sure it cuts overhead cost, and it makes people decide on the spot whether they want it. It won’t be available later.

And I think that I will be learning to live with regret quite frequently. These are tangible items taking on ephemeral qualities simply by being available for a limited time only. And while it means I will miss out on numerous items/events/moments, I find this evanescence rather fascinating.

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