Planning the New York City adventure, or how Molly Crabapple’s art will begin the meeting of a life-goal.

The best days are the ones that contain an adventure or several. The second best days are the ones where I get to plan an adventure.

Today was one of those second best days.

It’s been one of those weeks, where all I wondered was when the week would end (which was particularly cruel since the source of my dread this week was work, and it’s a 6 day work week O.0), and I was searching for something to look forward to.

Normally, I would plan a trip to visit friends, because most of my friends moved far away, and I love an excuse to travel. But I just got back from visiting some of my friends in Portland, and the other places are quite expensive (but I’m still trying to plan for those in the near future).

And then a Kickstarter update email from Molly Crabapple‘s Shell Game art show arrived in my inbox. She’s been great about posting updates of the artwork as it’s created, but this email mentioned one of the rewards being shipped. I have this really bad habit of backing Kickstarter (and Indiegogo) projects because I’m super excited about the idea, and then forgetting what reward I picked. (Though, to be completely honest, my forgetfulness makes the arrival of the packaged rewards like Christmas, which is quite fun.)

So I checked my Kickstarter account, and discovered that I backed a level that gets me a print of Molly Crabapple’s work (which is why I backed at that level, because her work is gorgeous, and I don’t have any, yet.), and I get an invite to the Kickstarter backer show. In April. In New York City.

Which is awesome! I’ve never been to visit New York City, and I’ve always wanted an excuse to visit.

But I live in California. Pretty much as far as you can get in the contiguous 48 states from New York. And I remembered that when I backed the project, I figured I’d just email to give my ticket to another backer who lived in the area, but couldn’t back at a level high enough for the show. But I have a different job now, and some aspects in my life have shifted, so I decided that before I tried to give away my ticket, I would look to see if I could findĀ  a flight across the country in my budget.

And I did! I caught Virgin America on a good day, apparently, so now I have a ticket to New York. For the weekend.

Because I’m going to be traveling for work during that time, too, and crammed right in the middle is this awesome whirlwind of an adventure to New York City. I don’t have a place to stay yet, and no idea how I’ll get around a massive brand new city, but I’m not too worried, because the trip is far enough away that I have time to look into all the logistics.

This trip is going to be crazy. If I think about what I’m committing myself to in by starting this adventure too hard, I get exhausted at the thought of how this adventure will work. So I’m not really thinking about it. I’m going to embrace this adventure and accept the exhaustion as part of the awesomeness that is this time.

Because adventures are fantastic when they happen. And this will be an adventure. It’s starting on a good foot for becoming an epic adventure, because I had to decide on the trip in just a few days, and I’m realizing as I go how much this trip shouldn’t be falling into place. But it is. And you can count on updates here. Because where else can I share a phenomenally epic adventure?


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