The undisclosed costs of weightloss

The artifacts of identityNormally, I could care less about my weight. I don’t obsess over what I eat unless it tastes delicious, and then I tell everyone I can pin down. I don’t really exercise, because I dislike the sun, and I enjoy reading.

But over the last year and half, I’ve lost around 40 pounds. Which is cool because I now only weigh about 10 pounds more than when I graduated high school 10 years ago. And I love that I’m not as concerned about weight-related health issues. Pretty much, I’m content (and pretty pleased with myself) that I can manage my weight by making smart (if expensive) choices to eat healthy foods.

Except that it means I have to be more careful about my jewelry.

See, I love rings and bracelets and bangles. But I bought most of them when I weighed more. So they’ve fit nicely for the last several years, and they’ve become part of my self-expression. I feel a little undressed without them. So now that I weigh less, I’m finding they don’t fit quite right anymore.

My clothes don’t really fit either, but they’re easier to replace. My jewelry is all connected to somewhere in the world and a specific moment in time. I can’t return to my 2005 trip to Australia to repurchase a ring.

So now I have to figure something out when it comes to the items I wear that I can’t replace and don’t want to lose. I’ve already lost 1 ring, so I should probably think fast. I was expecting to spend money to replace my clothes. The cost of replacing my jewelry comes unexpectedly. No one ever mentions jewelry when they talk about losing weight.

If you’re working on losing weight, good job! It’s completely worth the effort. This post is a public service announcement to plan for what you will do with the irreplaceable items you care for that won’t shrink with you. Learn from my mistakes.