Draft of GamerGate: Advocacy buried

I was thinking of copying my Storify here, but that would change the layout and look. And it would be more work than is necessary for this moment (and I’m a little tired currently). Please feel free to read it here. If you have any thoughts or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading through everything! (so it’s easier for everyone to be able to find it).

Update: I updated the site, so the Storify now lives here, too!  Please still feel free to comment! (especially if you find dead links.) Thanks!

Too many thoughts

Stradbroke Island

I have too many thoughts in my head currently…

Story ideas, fears, hopes, concerns, thoughts about education, questions about….
It’s all crashing around in my head like waves in a storm meeting rocks.

I just hope that they all resolve and reveal a shoreline that ultimately makes sense in the end.