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THATCamp Feminisms West: thoughts

THATCamp Feminisms West  My first thoughts:
*That was so much fun!
*Can we do it again!
*I’m so glad most of the people are local and I have excuses to interact with them more!

The conference, conversation, hacktivist, educational challenge space was great. I learned so much about data visualization tools, the many different ways that people are approaching education, particularly in the humanities, and the ways academics are embracing and modifying technology to educate students. I left the conference feeling inspired and awed by what everyone was doing and the ways which our interests connect and diverge.

And as interesting and intelligent as everyone is, everyone at the conference was extraordinarily nice and supportive and interested in everyone. (This is, sadly, often not the case when so many super-smart people are in 1 space)

I have so many new ideas/tools/articles/websites/people to go and learn more about. And I’ve met a number of undergrads I’m excited to keep an eye out for to see where their lives and interests take them.

The space was great, and the meeting was very much the best part of all cons – conversations about topics we’re jointly passionate about. I’m definitely in the post-con high of wanting it to happen again. Now. But I’ll be content if it simply happens again next year.

So Thank You THATCamp Feminisms West 2013! I had a blast! And thanks especially to Jacqueline Wernimont! The conference wouldn’t have happened without you, and you were delightful to chat with

I am so looking forward to seeing you all again. Sometime. Soon?


THATCamp Feminisms West, a new con

Yeah, I didn’t know what THATCamp Feminisms West was either. Honestly, I’m still not sure.

It’s part of THATCamp, which is a collection of academic unconferences. From what I gleaned from their site, it’s the conversation part of an academic conference without the paper-reading part. I have a feeling it’ll feel more like the nerd cons I’ve been to, which will be great.

I’m not sure yet if I’m going, as they have an application registration process. And they keep their cons small, so I may have submitted the registration form too late.

But I hope I get to go. It would be nice to meet other people who are as interested in technology and the ways social media is shaping us and our understanding of ourselves. I’d like to learn more about what I should know and what ideas are being turned over. And it be nice to have a conversation with people about what I find fascinating without their eyes immediately glazing over (ever an optimist).

Just another possible adventure in the near future!

Update: I just heard back from THATCamp Feminisms West, and I’m definitely going! I’m quite excited about this fact! I can’t wait to meet everyone and chat!