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How I spent my summer, or What kept me silent

I haven’t written here as much as I’d hoped since I graduated at the end of May. This has been mostly due to the more complicated access to the internet than I anticipated.

I started the summer in the thickest coats I own in Australia. There are some posts from that time, but I’ll probably add more as I work on catching up. 6 weeks house numerous stories I want to share, but am still drafting in my head.

I spent the first part of my actual summer in Louisville, Ky. It was my first trip to that part of the country, and I have even more stories that have yet to be shared here. Expect those when I get to it.

And I spent the last part of the summer helping to care for my grandmother as she prepared to move from her house. While I have many stories, I would be surprised if they end up recorded here.

In my own story-telling way, I will post the stories as I think of them. I will try to make it clear where the stories took place and when, but the details may be a bit fuzzy. I hope that those of you who read this will enjoy the stories and bear with my often random style.