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w00tstock presents and Geek-A-Week trading cards

Geek-A-Week One of the coolest things I have purchased this year (and it’s only just March!) is the first pack of Len Peralta‘s Geek-A-Week trading cards. The ones pictured are the cards I got at the Comic-Con w00tstock last July.

I adore Len Peralta’s style, because it’s just comic booky enough to make me smile without pushing people who aren’t into comic books out. Plus he’s fantastically fast and consistent. And the Geek-A-Week cards provide yet another artifact for my obsessive collector to hoard.

ThinkGeek is currently the only place you can pick up pack 1. And they’re only planning on selling the ones that have already been printed, so you should go buy one. Or two. No seriously, have you bought yours yet? Then we can geek out over the clean lines of the head in Jonathan Coulton’s hand. Continue reading w00tstock presents and Geek-A-Week trading cards