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Saying goodbye

Pets have the funniest ways to weave themselves into the fabric of Normal Existence. Amelia was no different, though her place was both larger and smaller than everyone else in the apartment. All of the things she’s left behind fill a storage tub.

An African Pygmy Hedgehog, she was a perfect excuse to keep the apartment heated closer to my desires because the cold could have her trying to hibernate. A night animal that could take or leave high levels of interaction, she was the perfect companion for late night writing sessions. 

Caring for her was a constant level of mindfulness without being overly high maintenance. She was pretty good at letting me know what actions were annoying through a variety of huffing sounds and actions. Until the end. And then there was no warning. Now all I have are pictures and memories. 

Thank you little pet for 5 1/2 years. They were too fast. Goodbye, Amelia.