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Review: Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising by Philippa Ballantine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I truly enjoyed reading this novella. Fast-paced and engaging but not manipulative so I couldn’t stop for necessary tasks; it was the treat I needed to complete my to-do list in a timely fashion.

Strong female leads are hard to find, so I loved meeting Eliza in this story. And Welly provides a perfect counterpoint as they both keep secrets while working together. Both characters are strong, not just because they can handle weapons and brawls, or because they are both intelligent; they are strong because they know who they are and are comfortable with all the pieces that make them complete. I love when I find such complex characters.

The style reminded me of Cherie Priest, which is great, and could be more from my recent reading of Clementine and association of well-written strong female characters. And maybe it’s the genre feel for Steampunk mysteries. But if you’re a fan of one, I’d recommend the other.

I loved reading this story. I couldn’t give it 5 stars because there were some type-setting and proofing oversights that threw me out of the story several times. But I would really give ut more of a 4.5 star rating.

I hope there is more in this series with these characters! I would love to go on another adventure with them!

There are also a few scenes that would make me hesitate to hand this one off to just any kids, but if you read voraciously and in a wide variety, the moments probably won’t be too noticeable.

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