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Licorice Eating Rookie

It started with box 11. It traveled in the heat from the Dark Overlord Media. It traveled far enough for the black and white licorice taffy to escape the confines of the plastic bag. And once free, it was hungry.

Mutilated Rookie

The attack made me wonder what licorice was exactly (besides a disgusting candy).

It turns out that licorice is a sweetener, which is why so many candies have it as a primary ingredient. And apparently there numerous types of licorice, providing a choice for what tastes sweetest to the eater. Licorice comes from Europe and the Middle East, with different locations specializing in either fresh, or dried, or extract.

But the coolest thing about licorice is that you can make split pea soup with it or peanut butter sandwiches.

All right, that would actually be the most unappetizing soup and sandwich combo ever. But licorice is a legume, like peas and peanuts. It’s categorized by the pods for the seeds and not taste.

And if you did happen to order that licorice soup and sandwich combo, you could eat a piece of licorice to help ease your stomach, because the chemicals in licorice are key ingredients in that type of medicine.

But if you’re allergic to licorice, don’t try the medicine. The doctor websites also seem to think that perhaps the allergy could be to legumes in general, so if you have a peanut allergy, that’s something to think about. With the proliferation of little kids with peanut allergies, there should be pretty good anecdotal evidence about licorice allergies sometime soon (but that’s probably just my cynical side talking).

Sometimes when  you win a prize, you learn more than you ever wanted to about a candy you don’t like to eat.

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Opening prize 11 of 10

I mentioned that sometimes you end up in the video for Scott Sigler’s feed in my post about his LA stop for the Ancestor book tour. I didn’t end up in the video for my shining personality; I won the 11th prize in his 10 prize preorder give away.

Well the prize arrived on my doorstep sometime yesterday and I opened it this morning. It’s a great prize with some great books. And without further rambling, here’s the video!

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Scott Sigler stops by Los Angeles to talk Ancestor

Scott Sigler stopped by Book Soup in Los Angeles the other day. He read from his newly printed Ancestor, answered as many questions as we had, and signed a whole bunch of books for everyone who showed up.


It’s always fun when Scott comes to visit, and if he’s headed to your town this time around, you really should go to the reading and the bar stop after. He’s very generous with his time and tells lots of funny stories.

My favorite moment from this stop was Scott’s joy as he showed off the cover for The Starter, which comes out close to the start of football season. It’s a really cool cover, but what makes me love it already is how proud and excited Scott and A (the other half of Dark Overlord Media) are for it.

Also, sometimes you get lucky and end up in the video podcast.

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Scott Sigler’s Ancestor arrives!

Cat keeping the book

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My copy of Scott Sigler‘s Ancestor arrived in the mail today!

After I stopped jumping up and down, I set the book down to get some water. Which is when the BlackandWhite cat made her move.

As you can see here, she’s stolen the book from me. She was more protective of her new book but never kept the pose when the camera came out.

I was prepared to fight her for my book, because I’ve been looking forward to this one for the last several months, but I remembered one important fact – She’s a cat.

So I waited her out. When she wandered away to get food (or take a bath, or plan the destruction of the FDO, or collude with aliens), I moved my book. And I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

Now I know not to leave The Starter anywhere near her when that shows up at the end of summer. There’s no way I’m sharing that one with her.

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Scott Sigler’s Ancestor

Have you heard that horror author Scott Sigler has a new book out in 3 days?! That’s right! June 22, 2010, you can pick up Ancestor another Scott Sigler book in the bookstores. You can even pre-order it now! It’s the third Sigler book Crown Publishing has released since 2008 and it is shaping up to be even better than the others.

Ancestor is all about genetics and greed and of course death and destruction. Sigler is a master of weaving together an intense, insane, and creepy plot for precisely developed characters to act in. I haven’t read or listened to the original Ancestor, but I’ve already pre-ordered my copy. I’ve really enjoyed everything else I’ve heard or read by him.

But if you’re not convinced by love, watch the book trailer here. Or you can always check his website for the original Ancestor feed as well as details on his other stories. You can even sign up for the new feed and get prequel stories before you get the novel. If it’s audio, it’s free. Print you have to buy, but what’s to complain about with so much good free stuff?

Oh, and Scott’s doing a book tour starting June 22. He’s posted his nationwide schedule here, so go and meet him if he’s anywhere near you! I’ll be catching his reading, sporting my Krakens shirt, and hanging out at the bar afterward when he hits Southern California. It’s always a fun time!

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