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How I’ve spent my time…

So I decided today that what I needed today was to hang out with people that I like and that I hardly ever see, and it was a brilliant idea. I finished a paper that I didn’t really want to do, and I was inspired to write again.

So here I am writing. I’ve had quite a lot going on that’s kept me from working on any of my stories and more that I have to do before I’ll get a chance to really work on any of them. It makes me sad that I have so much to do that I can’t write stories. It’s also quite frustrating that I want to write, but cannot.

On the plus side I’ve gotten two very daunting elements of my MA program done. The first is that I’ve completed my M.A. exam. It’s basically a comprehensive examination that tests if I can write an essay in 2 and a half hours. I had to write 2 essays on 1 Sat. It was kinda brutal, but I survived.

The second part is a project or thesis. This again goes in stages, but I am so much more excited about it. The first stage is to write a proposal that basically states, in 5 pages, what I want to write 50 – 70 pages about. My proposal was accepted so now I get to study some of Marianne Moore’s letters and I get to look at Cory Doctorow’s blogs/podcasts/website and talk about how the technological changes from Moore to Doctorow pose potential difficulties for textual scholars. And I’m a big enough nerd that I’m so excited that I just want to start working on my project now. I’m really excited to start looking and see what I’ll find.  I wish the semester was over so I had time to work on my project as well as write stories. I’m so happy it was accepted.

So that’s what I’ve been up to recently. And why it’s important for me to take this time to spend with people that I like but never get to see. And I’m explaining why the story is still unfinished. I apparently am feeling guilty about how I’m spending my time since I’m justifying myself on my blog…

An airport that’s not terrifying

So I’ve just found my new favorite airport. The Long Beach Airport in California totally rocks. It’s tiny and doesn’t have too many flights, but it has the feel of when flying was really fun. Even the TSA agents are nice. I was very flustered coming to this airport because I had no idea what I was doing and I kept forgetting to do all the things that I know I need to – like take off my flip-flops, take off my belt, take off my sweatshirt – and rather than snap at me like I’ve had in other airports, they were very kind and said it was fine. Maybe it’s because the line for security can’t be very long since there just isn’t the room for it, maybe it’s because coming to this airport is like traveling to a happier time, or maybe Long Beach is just lucky. Whatever the reason I have found a new place that makes me happy.

Cool things that I’ve learned about online that help others

So one of the things that I love is easy ways to help others. Here are a few links that I’ve come across through the lovely internet. The first is which is a website that creates opportunities for people to provide micro loans for others around the world. I think this is fantastic since numerous people only need what many consider a small amount of money to fund their business ideas. The other is which lets people play word games to donate rice to people around the world. There’s no signing up, there’s no financial commitment, you just have to click on the definition of the word that’s provided. And that’s probably the best thing ever. It’s a more productive way to waste those extra few minutes. Just wanted to share these because that’s what I like to do. Sharing is caring.