Those who left home

There have been several women connected to GamerGate who have been chased out of their homes. Brianna Wu’s flight with her husband in October 2014 made international news. The Guardian covered it. She covered it herself on Kotaku covered it in detail which includes screenshots of a series of tweets with direct threats. Zoe Quinn, the woman at the beginning of the GamerGate controversy, also left her home out of concern for her safety. Anita Sarkeesian left home out of fear of her safety, and she remains vague regarding her whereabouts. Sarkeesian has even felt compelled to cancel a speaking event at Utah State University after the school received threats of a mass shooting.

There have been claims of attacks on pro-GamerGaters, however, I was unable to find sources that provided the claimed video evidence. This could be for a few reasons, not the least is fatigue from searching through numerous articles and tweets and blog posts and Tumblr memes and….

If you would like to provide links in the comments, that would be appreciated. Add whatever other links you feel would help add to this information in general.