The moving winds of life


At times, life is calm. Everything falls into place with very little effort and it appears as though all the small pieces are in place and the world is as it should be.

Other times, all hell has broken loose and the tempest swirls around, enveloping all light and hope, and the world will never be right again.

And, in both extremes, the constant, understated fact is that they have a terminating point where they will give way to the everyday life.

Another time exists that sits off to the side watching the evanescent tempests and golden days. Its presentable calmness hides its true identity as the opunsettled moments within everyday life where things should just be normal (whatever your definition of normal happens to be) and yet they feel unsettled – as though there is some vital piece missing from your existence.

These are the times that try my soul. To be so divided between feeling content, which is the reasonable response when life just is, and the feeling that your life lacks some vital component when nothing presents itself as easily identifiable. Much like the picture above that I took at Queen’s Bath in Kauai, I feel the unsettling wind blowing across my life that has worked itself out beautifully. But, much like the wind, I can only see the effects without the cause; only my edgy feeling and twitchy responses reveal the extent to which I am unsettled, but refuse to illuminate the cause.

So through all of the possible responses to this realization, I will attempt to remain content in all things. I will embrace the beauty the inhabits all times in all things, and I will wait for the revelation that will set this time aright and look forward to what the next step holds.