2012 Kia Forte, or why I had to pick up a car payment

2012 Kia ForteYes, this is my new car. And yes, it’s pretty. It’s a 2012 Kia Forte. It’s as close to the base model as I could get from the dealer.

I like driving it, because the car has a pep to it and responds quickly. I also like that the important information is easily viewable from the drivers seat. But one of my favorite features (aside from the warranties) is the numerous controls located on the steering wheel. Now I can easily change the song on my ipod or switch to the radio or even call someone.

Friends and family who know how much I loath car shopping and then negotiating to actually buy it may wonder at this seemingly impulsive decision. It was a sudden, but necessary decision, because my old car was totaled in an accident.

Goodbye Chevy Aveo!Getting sandwiched on the 5 South in South County (Interstate 5 in the Aliso Viejo area of southern Organ County, CA for those not from the area) led to the front end of my 2006 Chevy Aveo crumpling. Since I drive a billion miles for work, despite keeping my car well maintained, my insurance decided calling it a total loss and cutting me a check would be more cost effective. I do have to say that my greatest injury was 5 days of a rather itchy rash and a scratchy throat, because I’m apparently allergic to car accidents. Or the talc that coats airbags to minimize the risk of fires starting when they deploy.

All said, this disaster ended as well as it could have. Money will be tight for awhile, but I’m glad my little Aveo, despite being an Aveo, took the hit instead of me. It’s been just about a month, and the car has been replaced. If I had taken more damage, I may still not be fixed. So thanks, little Aveo! Hopefully I don’t have to ever test the safety features of the Forte.