All that is good

Today was one of those days that promised much when the sun rose, but turned sharply somewhere in the middle and nearly fell into the clutches of TERRIBLE. Taxes as an independent contractor have become the bane of my existence.

There was some yelling, a few tears, and a little bit of over-reaction, in the manner of nearly falling prey to TERRIBLE. But I talked with a friend, heard the promise a plan, and had the perfect amount of wine that needed to be drunk anyway.

But what returned the day to a more helpful path was the practice of acknowledging all the good of today.

I got to participate in a philosophy lecture. I trekked through an interactive science museum with a science-major friend. I have learned to play Amanda Palmer’s song, “In My Mind”. My friend truly listened and commiserated. And the sunset this evening was breathtakingly beautiful.

And so, though I’m still rather stressed about obnoxious taxes, today was pretty good on the whole. And this too shall pass.

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