Fruit of the Loom Dune Commerical


I’m not sure who the target market is for this commercial. Men would be the obvious answer, but what type of men? I’ve seen this specific ad on channels like G4 and Spike, which carry programming that seems targeted to the macho men demo. But the style and tone of the ad doesn’t seem as though its target audience matches the channels’.

So what do you think about this ad and the channels it’s playing on?

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2 thoughts on “Fruit of the Loom Dune Commerical”

  1. I love this ad. I think my hubbie would think its funny too. But we all know that most men only buy their own underwear for a very brief (HA!) timeof their life. The rest of the time their mothers or wives do it for them.

  2. Well the add totally is like a bad early 90s music video, so its funny and I don’t think super Macho, I think it might actually be targeting wife/girlfriend to buy it for their man. Or maybe its just me, because that actor looked good in those underwear! So maybe I could see this on lifetime.

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