Opening prize 11 of 10

I mentioned that sometimes you end up in the video for Scott Sigler’s feed in my post about his LA stop for the Ancestor book tour. I didn’t end up in the video for my shining personality; I won the 11th prize in his 10 prize preorder give away.

Well the prize arrived on my doorstep sometime yesterday and I opened it this morning. It’s a great prize with some great books. And without further rambling, here’s the video!


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2 thoughts on “Opening prize 11 of 10”

  1. Dood, I can’t even tell you how much I giggled at the “cow print” salt water taffy. But *you* got so much of it because I was afraid to send it in every box out into the summer heat.
    (I thought it would be okay headed just up the road.)

    That I can fix. Glad you enjoyed the rest.

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