My favorite Disney Soundtrack

When I was a small child, we would listen to records. My parents’ turntable predated my existence, and I was always a little nervous about breaking it. My fear didn’t stop me from putting on Queen’s “A Night at the Opera” or any one of the Beatles or The Who albums we had shelved above the player.

I loved watching the records spin around and was fascinated with the transformation of the ridges into melodies and harmonies that made me want to sing out. That turntable introduced me to a number of the albums I still love.

But my favorite record was the one we listened to every time we cleaned the house. The Official Album of Disneyland/Walt Disney World.

Thinking back on those times, I can remember how much fun it made cleaning. My favorite part was dancing with my mom and the Munchkin to “The Main Street Electrical Parade”.

Today I set up a new turntable/CD/tape player with AM/FM radio. The first album my mom and I played?

The Official Album of Disneyland/Walt Disney World.

My whole family was there; we danced together. Somethings never change, and in staying the same, they become pricelessly perfect.

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