Lunch with friends

I had lunch today with a group of friends who I know from very different places, but through a sort of circumstances that can only happen in real life, they all over lapped and it resulted in a good lunch with lots of laughter.

Earlier this week a couple of my friends who are married to each other invited me to lunch with them. They are also friends with my cousin, and she was going to be there. (My friends have been friends with my cousin since before I met them, and I became friends with them in circumstances not including my cousin) We’ve all hung out before so this part was completely normal.

Well my friend works with one of my friends from college, so when she and her husband invited me, I asked if my friend from college could come too.

So there were 5 of us for lunch. My friends who are married, my cousin, my friend from college, and me. And there were some introductions, and the occasional filling in that occurs when friends spend time and there are others around who were not part of original moments.

While we were eating, I realized that these are the moments I love. When my friends all get to meet each other and spend time together and become acquaintances. It’s really the only reason why I try to throw parties. In my head, all my friends know each other, so I do my best to have them all meet. It makes the stories I tell better when the friends listening at least vaguely know who I’m talking about.

Plus, I find my friends interesting, so I think that more people should know them. The only way I really know how to accomplish this goal currently is to introduce them to each other. And today, because I had two friends in 1 office, I got to introduce some more of my friends to each other.

Today was a good day.

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One thought on “Lunch with friends”

  1. that’s what I do all the time. I make my friends (from everywhere: school, work, old friend, new friends) meet and then realize that they know each other already only from stories I’ve told

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