Huge, adult, bull African elephants in a large truck

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you have a large truck with three huge, adult, bull African elephants stomping in it sitting on your heart? Where the only news you seem to hear is all bad. Not like “I have a hang nail and it’s driving me crazy” bad, but bad on the level of a country western song. Nothing seems to be in its place in the world, including you, and you’d like to just call time out for a few minutes to try to slow down the play, but the ref isn’t paying attention. I hate those days.
There are very few things in life that I hate, but those kinds of days are one of the few. They’re just so hard to shake. They screw up your perspective on everything, which makes it difficult to gather up the strength to push the truck of elephants off. Pushing a truck, especially one full of elephants, takes a tremendous amount of energy, even just surviving with it on your heart is draining, and it saps all the strength you might have been able to muster at one point leaving you in quite a predicament.
You know the only way to move out from under the truck, don’t you? You have to choose to. And that takes a ton of energy.
By making a conscious decision that you are simply going to look for the good things that are happening you begin to smile more. And smiling is good; it helps clear the soul and add acts a beginning push to start the truck rolling. It’s not a quick fix (nothing is a quick fix, if it looks and feels like it fixes the problem and you aren’t facing whatever the problem is then it’s a quick mask that is doing nothing to help fix the underlying problem, which only delays the inevitable, unpleasant, but good, process of fixing your issues); it’s a long process that will heal your wounds. Time doesn’t do it alone, most of the time you have to decide something about how your wound must be healed.
Hopefully there aren’t too many days where the truck of elephants are on your heart, but I hope that we all look for those things that make us smile and give a good push…..