So what’s it like to join a band wagon?

I’ve never really cared for band wagons; they are far too crowded. Crowded with lots of people whose sole desire is to simply be on the band wagon because that’s where people are. It probably stems from a deep-seated desire to not be left alone that’s only magnified in a culture where people are pushed to keep a constant flow of stimulus streaming into their beings in order to know who is dating whom, what the new black is, whose hot and who has faded… all in an effort to drown out the one person who should matter most – them. In the frenzy to belong they let go of the person they began as and loose the very thing they wanted in the first place -acceptance. There is no you, there is only me, but a me that is defined by the group.
A band wagon is a crowded place. It’s a fight to keep who you are in the midst of a clamoring whole that wants nothing more than for the individual to melt away and become – wibble wobble – one of us. And here I am in the midst of it as a newbie posting blogs with everyone and their dog.